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FLIFLY works in partnership with university, companies, international and local NGOs to strengthen and promote credit unions, sustainable agriculture communities and conduct vocational training skills as effective instruments for socio-economic development of famers in Cambodia. Asian Development the Partnership for Development Human Resources in Rural Areas (AsiaDHRRA) is giving technical assistance and financial support to Farmer's Life Improvement and Future Light Youth Organization (FLIFLY). AsiaDHRRA helped and supported FLIFLY since 2006. AsiaDHRRA is providing technical assistance to develop training materials, policies, and accounting system of farmers organization, train the volunteers and field staff, coordinate with FLIFLY on the implementation of the farmers organization plan, provide financial support to conduct training and education program as well as providing technical assistance to FLIFLY on monitoring farmers organization by preparing the farmers organization by laws, policies, risk management and prudential standards. FLIFLY cooperation with AsiaDHRRA and volunteer trainers who are responsible on the implementation of farmers organization promotion, provide necessary guidance to its community officers on the implementation and monitoring of the farmers organization promotion plan, collaborate with AsiaDHRRA and farmers organizations in conducting training and education program, and provide regular technical support and monitor and supervise farmers organizations and agriculture cooperatives, and coordinate with other farmers organizations and agricultue cooperatives promoting organization in Cambodia and to extend invitations for participants in the TOT and leadership training, provide financial report and progress report monthly basis as per the format given by AsiaDHRRA. In order to develop farmers organizations and agriculture cooperatives in Cambodia, FLIFLY has to continue for conducting the train on Building a Better Life BBL program (living, learning, leading & growing together in the community) to give opportunity for Cambodian people who are working in farmers' organizations and agriculture cooperatives or interested in agriculture cooperative transaction in Cambodia.

Who should attend?
All people from local or international NGOs, government constitutions, students, and others interested people are invited to attend this training. But FLIFLY will provide scholarship 50 % for people from government constitions, local and international NGOs, farmers's organizations, agriculture cooperatives, farmers and students. And provide full scholarship 100 % for poor farmers and students who are members of Credit Unions and Agriculture Communities/cooperatives that are under promotion by FLIFLY.

Purpose of the course
The core purpose of this special course to improve capacity building on Building a Better Life BBL program (living, learning, leading & growing together in the community) skills to be building and organizing farmers's organizations and agriculture communities/cooperatives in Cambodia to be involded reduce poverty of farmers in Cambodia. So we would like to encourage all NGOs, farmers' organizations and agriculture communities/cooperatives to send the representatives to attend this special training.

Course Contents
This training will be conducted for 2 days.

1. Theorical training:
Day 1
- Introduction the the program
- Continuoys learning
- Saemaul Undong: Diligence, self help, cooperation
- Understanding strength & developmental area
- Looking into the community
- To better life in the community (Project planning)

2. Practical training:
Day 2
- How do to build and organize farmers' organization and agriculture cooperatives
- How to record all transactions of farmers' organization and agriculture cooperatives
- Farmers'organization and Agriculture cooperatives field visit

Date: From August 14-15, 2017


- At office of FLIFLY, National road 01, Kandal Krom village, Banteaydek commune, Keansvay district, Kandal Province, Cambodia.

Cost: FLIFLY will cover 50 % of the total training fee below for any interested people who is register before August 11, 2017.
- Theoretical training and practicum US$ 200 US$ 100 for 2 days for per participant that register before August 11, 2017.

- FLIFLY will be providing scholarship 70 % for 10 students to attend the training on Building a Better Life BBL program (living, learning, leading & growing together in the community) that will be conducted by FLIFLY.

At the end for the training participants will get:

- A certificate will be provided by FLIFLY
- A free handout (English and Khmer Language)

Special offer:
- Free snacks and refreshment ( Building relationship with others from NGOs, government constitutions and credit unions).

Interested persons are requested to send the name list to FLIFLY by Email: or contact by: 010 900 152








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FLIFLY is providing advisory services for local NGOs, federations farmers' organistions, agriculture communities/cooperatives, credit unions, agrientrepreneurs and farmers in Cambodia